Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to make money from AdSense with youtube complete tutorial

How to make money from AdSense with youtube complete tutorial

YouTube is a largest Internet webpage where in you may watch, share, upload movies.
 A couple people utilize YouTube just to look today's movies
and a couple people utilize it to include movies and so on! Away to make money from adsence with youtube?

I'm going to share the complete tutorial in this topic for YouTube incomes!
I am sure after reading this guide you'll be fit for fill your pocket with money.

Remember, you require a Gmail or Google account to make YouTube channel. Make a Gmail account or when you have already a account,please login into it!
Make a YouTube channel.

few pointers Please try them:-

* Choose a friendly Channel Name

* Create a good description + Channel Art

* Choose your Topic

 After you finished the entire whole process, now we will take in the main subject how to Approve AdSense on YouTube channel and make money.

approving AdSense is quick for YouTube. The best things is that we can approve AdSense via YouTube without uploading a video.

How to approve AdSense 

1:- its easy, go to your YouTube Channel. (at first Login to your account).

2:- now click "status and features".

3:- you’ll see Monetization option on the screen, "Enable it".

4:- now,a new window will appear.then click on "Enable my Account".

5:- when you click on "Enable my Account", a popup will appear regarding to go policies and terms."Tick" them all and then proceed to "I accept".

6:- After that,one more popup will appear, just you click on "Got it".

Now, you have submitted the request to AdSense approvel for YouTube. After couple of minutes, you’ll receive an email regarding your AdSense approval. Congratulations,you have approved AdSense for YouTube.

 Now,the main thing how to put adsence Ads in Your youtube video.

1:- upload a unique video made it by you.

2:- complete uploading, then go to the videos,select video which you want to put adsence ads.

3:- now click on "EDIT" menu,then select to click "monetization" tab.

4:- select "monetization with ads" and then save to changes.

5:- now, open your youtube video in a new browser window, AdSense ads will start showing on your video...

that's all,


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